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Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services

The purpose of the evaluation function is the recognition of foreign qualifications in terms of the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

SAQA performs the function as an integral part of a national recognition value chain. The focus of SAQA's role is on the location of foreign qualifications within the NQF. For admission to study; professional licensing; and employment the specific internal criteria and requirements of other relevant institutions must be met.

Evaluation is a two-phased process by SAQA to:

  1. Verify foreign qualifications by ensuring the following
    • Issuing bodies are accredited/recognised in the national systems they operate in
    • Qualifications are legitimately issued by those issuing bodies and part of the national qualifications of that country
    • Qualifications documents are in order and awards claimed by individuals are genuine
  2. Compare foreign qualifications with South African qualifications, considering the structure and outcomes of the foreign qualifications, to locate them within the South African NQF.

Foreign Qualifications

A foreign qualification is issued by a nationally recognised institution and forms part of the national education and training system of a country other than South Africa.

A foreign qualification is not:

  • Professional membership or a professional designation.
  • A certificate based on a short course; or in-service training, a workshop or seminar, or workplace integrated learning which does not form part of the requirements to obtain a qualification.
  • A South African qualification.

None of the above should be submitted as a foreign qualification to be evaluated by SAQA

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